Where My Hosers At?

Question: Are Alan, the Biergotter guys, and myself the only Canadians on the beer-blogosphere?

(Yes, I know that Stephen Beaumont has a blog, and also contributes to the group blog On The House, but he’s a pro who does the blog thing on the side. I’m talking about folks whose primary writing outlet is their blog.)

Based on our respective populations, logic dictates that we should have roughly 1/10th the number of beer blogs in Canada as there are in the US. But there are certainly more than 30 (or if you want to count Beaumont, 40) American beer blogs. My guess based on RSBS and other sources is that it’s well over 100 and growing.

So, where are all the Canucks? Given the importance that we place on beer in our country, you’d think that there would be more than a tiny handful of us blabbing about it on the Intarwebs. Maybe it’s the fact that our craft beer culture is still lagging behind the Americans? Or maybe we’re too busy drinking beer to write about it?

Whattaya think, eh?

4 Responses to Where My Hosers At?

  1. That is a very good question as I am hunting out such facts for an article I am doing for a trade magazine. I think I know of only Ian in Ottawa in French other than you and me: http://iguenard.spaces.live.com/

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