A Priest Walks Into A Bar…


My latest bi-weekly Pub Crawl column is up on Taste T.O. today, and it’s a profile of Sin & Redemption, a fairly new bistro-pub that’s located across the street from a large Catholic church. It’s been a popular place since it opened a few months ago, and has a fairly decent tap list. OK, there are a few stinkers, like Bud and Bud Light, but at least half of the 32 lines have something good coming out of them, and at some of the best prices in the downtown core.

One beer that they don’t have on tap is Frank Booth’s favourite, Pabst Blue Ribbon. But it’s been showing up at a lot of other bars in Toronto recently, especially the sorts of places where young hipsters congregate. (Or so I’ve gathered from looking through the windows of such places, as I’m neither young nor hip enough to be welcome inside most of them.) My thoughts on this, and the beer itself, appeared on Taste T.O. last week.

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