Blog, Interrupted

Well, well, welly welly well. Six months since my last post. (Or if you want to be technical about it, six months less a day. Which sort of sounds like a prison sentence, doesn’t it?)

Yes, once again, this poor li’l blog has been pushed down my list of priorities, constantly overshadowed by one thing or another. Canadian Beer News has become the main focus of my online activities, growing in comprehensiveness of coverage – as well as readership – since I redesigned and relaunched it late last year. I’ve also started a spin-off Tumblr blog called Canadian Beer Notes as a place to post quick reviews of Canadian beers, and have been having a great time presenting and hosting the Canadian Beer News Dinner Series (the next CBN Dinner on June 18th – a beer vs wine dinner with Amsterdam Brewery and Flat Rock Cellars at Beast Restaurant – is almost sold out, so book soon if you wanna be there!). And I’m still doing a bit of writing for TAPS Magazine, as well as other occasional bits of scribbling here and there.

That said, I’ve got the usual growing pile of blog post ideas percolating, I just need to find – or make – the time to knuckle down and get on with the writing. History has shown that I’ll never be as prolific as some of my more disciplined compatriots (Hi, Alan! How’s it going, Mike?), but is one post a week too much to ask for?

Probably, yeah. But I’ll see what I can do.

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