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Movember Spawned A Mon-stache

As the blurry self-portrait above attests, I’m a participant in this year’s edition of Movember, the annual campaign in which men grow ugly things on their faces in order to raise money for prostate cancer research.

More specifically, I’m one of a number of local beer writers and bloggers who are taking part in Beauvember, in which we’re each growing a moustache & soul patch combo that’s meant to resemble the one famously worn by Stephen Beaumont.

To cap this dark month that our respective significant others have hated, those of us who have been growing the Beau will be gathering at Burger Bar on the evening on Wednesday, November 30th to mock each other, have a few beers, and receive final judgement on our ‘staches from Mr. Beaumont and his lovely wife Maggie. Onlookers are welcome to come out and heckle, as long as you’re also willing to throw in a few bucks to support the cause.

If you can’t make it in person – or if you’re just feeling extra-generous – you can donate online via my page on the Movember website. Please help if you can!

Sad Endings, New Beginnings

Over the few years I’ve been posting to this blog, I’ve written very little of a truly personal nature. Others may be inclined to use their online platform as a diary or journal where they reveal a lot about themselves to their readers, but that’s not something that I’ve ever felt especially comfortable doing. Even when I had a LiveJournal account, I rarely delved very far below the surface with my writings.

For once, though, I’m going to make an exception, as there have been a number of upheavals in my life recently that I feel need sharing, if only to explain why I’ve been on yet another unannounced hiatus from writing anything here. For those who just come here for the beer, there is a brief mention – but mostly, it’s about three losses that I’ve suffered in the past few weeks.

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