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Crisis on Infinite Beer Blogs

Any readers of this blog who are – or at some point have been – comic book geeks are likely familiar with the concept of “retroactive continuity”, or as it’s colloquially known, a retcon.

For the less dorky among you: a retcon refers to a situation when facts established in an earlier story are changed in such a way that the previous story couldn’t have happened the way it was originally written – in other words, the previously established continuity has been retroactively changed. Sometimes these changes are small, affecting minor attributes of a single character; and sometimes they’re massive, affecting an entire shared fictional universe (as was the case in the classic DC Comics series Crisis on Infinite Earths that the title of this post lazily evokes).

The reason for this nerdtastic tangent is that this blog is about to undergo a bit of retconning, as I’m starting to integrate many of the posts that I wrote for Taste T.O., the food and drink website run by my wife and myself that we recently converted from a daily blog to an events listing site, taking the old content offline in the process. My contributions there included many beer reviews, pub profiles, and other beer and booze related articles that I’d like to keep online, so folding them into this blog seemed to make the most sense. While doing this, I’ll also be editing or removing any posts that referred or linked to the Taste T.O. posts, fusing the material from both sites into a seamless whole! (Insert dramatic George Perez splash page here.)

Since I’ll be backdating these posts to the dates they were originally published on Taste T.O., the whole process should hopefully go unnoticed to most readers. But for those who enjoy digging through archives, there will be lots of “new” stuff to read.

And as for REAL new stuff – I’m hoping to get more on top of that in the next little while as well. I’ve got quite a backlog of notes and photos from the past couple of months, and while not all of it is post-worthy, there are a few things that I’d like to get written up soon, especially since the fall is shaping up to be a pretty busy season for beer happenings.